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For many years I have thought and often stated that it is just too easy to make money online. It just takes a bit of knowledge and the willingness to believe and make it happen. This is one of those "Too Easy" strategies for making money online. The light bulb should definitely come on for this one.
Here are the basic steps:
  1. Look at large retailer websites for extreme sale items.
  2. Look also for free shipping on such items.
  3. When you find an item with a steep discount (perhaps $200) go look for a similar item on eBay.
  4. Research eBay for the items to see if they are selling close to the regular price.
    1. Sometimes you can list it for more than the normal price.
  5. List the item on eBay without buying it.
  6. List dozens of items because not all will sell.
  7. Use to estimate fees and profits.
  8. When the item sells you go to the retail site and buy it for the sale price and put the ebay buyers info into the ship to address.
Here is an example of how easy this can be:
I searched on for "playset". I then narrowed my search to show only items that offered free shipping. You can find similar items on many different websites.
Notice that you can also narrow to certain dollar ranges or enter your own.
You can also choose only sale items. When you narrow with all of these options it makes finding a quick sale item that you can profit on very fast. For spring items you can search for outdoor living type items and just think of the potential around Christmas time! This is a real money maker people!
Once you find an item that appears to have a good profit potential, let's say $100-$250?, then you search for the item on eBay to see if it is selling. Remember to click the option on the left for Completed Listings so you are seeing what has actually sold. If you see the item or similar items then you know whether it is going to sell or not. If it is not listed at all then you can list it and see what happens.
List the item on for the full price and go find another and just repeat until you have 30 or so items listed. Then when you sell one on eBay you get paid the full price and turn around and buy at the discounted price and have it shipped to your eBay customer.
I like to use my PayPal debit card to pay for these items to I can just use the money paid to me to buy it. If you don't have a PayPal debit card get one now and you are all set.
What are you waiting for? Go find the deals and start listing!


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